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20th January 2020 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does couples counselling usually take? While we would hope to shift things within six sessions, most couples chose to continue to work with us over a longer period. Weekly sessions become fortnightly sessions, until a couple feels confident they can manage on their own.

Will I be blamed? Most couples who come to us are caught up in questions of blame -- who is to blame for what has gone wrong? While we would hope to foster a recognition of destructive patterns of behaviour (on both sides), blame has no place in couples counselling. Rather, as you both come to understand the early patterns of behaviour which have caused miscommunication and misunderstanding, blame is replaced by compassion and empathy.

Can you offer individual work also? Both Marie Laure and Joe are highly experienced individual therapists. Often, one or both partners in a couple may choose to see one of us alongside the couples therapy. This works well, as we are able to hold the dynamics of the couple in mind as we work with you as an individual.

How much does a session cost? We see couples as a male female team for sessions of an hour and a half. We find that this intense way of working makes things happen quickly. However, having two experienced therapists working for this length of time makes the individual sessions relatively costly. Many clients have told us that in comparison to the cost of a holiday, or even worse, a divorce, our sessions are a bargain. For those for whom seeing both of us is too expensive, we offer the option of seeing one of us for an hour long session at a reduced rate.