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16th October 2019 

Couples and Marriage Counselling For Professionals in North London (near Highgate and Muswell Hill)

Have you stopped talking to one another?
Is the intimacy that brought you together, emotional and physical, a distant memory?
Are arguing, or silence, your usual modes of communication? Or ways of responding to conflict?
Are you worried about how your relationship is affecting your children, or about the model you are giving them for behaving in a relationship or couple?
Have you seen marriage or couples counsellors or had relationship counselling who were unable to contain your dynamics, or couples therapy where the therapist has "taken sides?
Are you time-poor but want the best in professional couples counselling?

We offer a unique form of couples and marriage therapy which involves having a male-and-female-therapist team working with you as a couple for intense, one-and-a-half hour therapy sessions. These concentrated sessions in North London (near Muswell Hill and Highgate) allow us to cover a lot of ground each time we meet, giving both parties in the relationship therapy a chance to speak and express their points of view. They also means our couples therapy works fast to help you resolve your difficulties in the couple.

We are not couples counsellors who just let you spend a lot of time going over what are probably familiar arguments. We see it as our job as marriage therapists to help you move on, and we actively intervene and facilitate so that you are enabled to confront the difficulties that have, up to now, seemed impossible to resolve. One couple, after their first session, said that they'd got more from it than two years of Relate couples counselling. For many other couples, after their first relationship therapy session, the couple said they were hopeful for the first time in ages.

We are both extremely experienced marriage counsellors and couples therapists, who have been working together for over twenty years. We have chosen to do couples and relationship counselling because we've found it is the quickest and most effective way of helping people to change their marriages and relationships. Having both parties in our consulting room together enables therapeutic insights to have remarkable power to heal and alter the dynamics of your relationship.

For more about our thinking, click on Couples Counselling.

Our main couples and marriage counselling practice is located in Muswell Hill. People come to us from all over North London -- Highgate, Crouch End, Hampstead, Kilburn -- and the surrounding areas, Enfield, Essex, and Hertfordshire.